As a part of our services to the community, Riverview Abbey offers the convenience of advance planning of funeral arrangements. We can provide you with a simple and easy way of taking care of choices now, which in the future might be more difficult for your loved ones to arrange.

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What You Need to Know About Prearranging:

1. Why should I prearrange services?

It's the right thing to do for your family.  Here are five important reasons to plan your funeral now:

  1. You will protect your family from unnecessary pain and expense.
  2. You will say goodbye in a way that uniquely reflects your personal style, not someone else's.
  3. You will lessen the financial burden.  Our easy payment plans let you lock in today's prices.
  4. You will minimize disputes between your well-meaning relatives.
  5. You will show your love in a way your family will never forget.

2. Isn't funeral planning for older people?

You might be surprised to learn that the best time to prearrange services is while you are vibrant and healthy.  It allows you to make decisions with a clear head, without the pressures of illness or circumstance.  Our families find that prearranging is a surprisingly positive experience that makes them feel unburdened and in control of their lives.  Some view it as a matter of getting their estate in order; others see it as a sound investment.

3. How do I know my wishes will be carried out?

When you complete the Final Wishes Organizer, a permanent file is kept at the funeral home. Upon your death, the funeral director will share your detailed wishes with your family. Your Final Wishes Organizer will answer difficult questions and alleviate your family of unnecessary burden.

4. Can I make arrangements now and pay later?

Yes.  It's a good idea to complete the Final Wishes Organizer, even if you're unable to afford payment now.  When payment is convenient, simply contact the funeral home to make arrangements.  Affordable payment plans are available to fit all budgets.

5. What if I'm not sure what I want?

Our counselors will help you explore and understand available options.  We know that you don't do this type of planning very often.  Our goal is to provide information and to let you make the decisions and selections that suit you best.

6. Does your plan cover cremation?

Yes.  We especially encourage those who wish to be cremated to make prearrangements.  We understand that your decisions regarding your funeral are important to you as well as your family. Therefore, we encourage you to complete your Final Wishes Organizer so your loved ones have a clear path to follow.  

7. Can I prepay for my funeral?

Yes, there are several ways to prepay your funeral.  We'll help you understand the options and select the method that's best for you.

8. Won't my veterans benefits take care of the funeral costs?

Possibly.  We find that many veterans only qualify for basic benefits.  Our counselors are knowledgeable about veterans programs, and can help you understand your benefits.  Whether you choose basic or enhanced arrangements, it's a good idea to complete a Final Wishes Organizer now.

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